Quick And Easy Decor For Impromptu Gatherings - Part Two!

Hey there!

Tuesday I had so much fun putting together quick and easy home decor for those impromptu gatherings, I decided to do it again!

I mentioned that decorating your home can be easy. It doesn't have to mean dragging out a 7 foot tree and going through boxes and boxes of fragile ornaments to see what you can put on that tree. Who wants to go through strands of lights only to discover that half of the string is out? No, let's try something easier. After all, your neighbors are only coming over for a few hours. You can handle this!

And remember, these ideas are so simple, it's almost embarrassing!

Candles! I cannot talk about candles enough! Candles just dress up a room and they don't even have to be lit! Make sure you always keep candles on hand. I have three candles that I put together here. One is just a simple white candle with a red ribbon tied around it (fancy). The center one is a smoky wood scented candle with some diamond trim (ok, rhinestone). The third candle is the "funnest" candle! It's peppermint candies hot glued to a candle holder. It took me five minutes to do this. Four minutes was just unwrapping the peppermints. All three of these DIYs are ridiculously simply!

Do you have a few extra candles lying around? Fill a larger candle holder with wintergreen mints and peppermints and top it off with a candle. I also took a Dollar Tree holiday wine glass, filled it with tree tinsel and a flameless flickering candle. You can take any wine glass that you have in your house and add candies or tinsel or ribbon and a flameless candle or a real candle that you AREN'T planning on lighting.

Don't have any candies around or you aren't willing to part with the tasty treats? Beans. Yep, beans. You know you have a bag of red kidney beans. Put those in a candle holder and tie a decorative ribbon around it. No dried beans on hand? Take the ribbon from the outside of the candle holder and put it inside the candle holder. Then grab a flameless flickering candle and drop it in.

I have girlfriends that would prefer a warm drink versus a bubbly one. So, I pull out my favorite holiday mugs and offer a variety of hot chocolate and fancy marshmallows. You can pick up the cute hot chocolate packets at the grocery store. Add them to your weekly list so you can have them on hand. And, yes, you need fancy marshmallows. All adults need to purchase a container of "designer" marshmallows. You won't go back to those regular ones and your guests will be impressed.

You can't stir your cocoa with spoons! You have to use cute paper straws that every store seems to have. The dollar areas of all stores have packs of them. If you are offering tea, fill the creamer cup with milk or some sugar cubes. Don't worry if you don't have all of those things. Put whatever you are drinking out on pretty plates. Guests love that.

So you have all that covered? Then set your table. Yes, I know that you aren't serving dinner. You can still just set your table. It doesn't have to be uber fancy or anything. Just put some plates and glasses on the table and add a few decorative pieces. I used snowflakes and ornaments for a pop of color. People might not even get close to your tablescape but they will see it from a distance and think, "Wow! This host/hostess really does have the most/mostest".

I'll say it again -- decorating in a hurry is simple. Set aside 30 minutes and put something cute together. If you keep certain things like candles, candies, hot beverage fixings and ribbon on hand, you can't help but throw something nice together.

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