Easter Basket - Kids

Hey there!

I know that my kid is almost 21 years old. But, she still likes a good Easter basket. Whether you are in the same boat as me, with an older kiddo, or have a little one, you should take a peek at this post and see what goodies I'll be getting for my little bunny.

I still get my kiddo an Easter basket. It's fun and she still enjoys it. I don't do Easter grass though. I am not a person that enjoys cleaning up tinsel and grass and confetti so I'll be using brightly colored tissue paper.

And the basket? I picked up this yellow cutie from the Dollar Tree. It's a smaller basket but my initial plan was to only get small trinkets for her. Ahhhh, the best laid plans.

So what exactly did I get for her basket? Lemme show you.

Snacks. Yes, my kiddo likes chocolate but more than chocolate, she likes snacks. She makes sure that she adds little treats to the grocery list each week. For her basket, I made sure to pick up some Little Debbie Easter Snack cakes, Sour Punch strings and Peeps Oreo cookies. She will be very excited to have those sweet treats over a chocolate bunny any day.

Socks. Yep, I said socks. My kiddo loves socks and I get her socks for every season. This year I found some Angry Birds socks (on sale for 5 pair for $3!) and put those into her basket. I also found a three pack of fun socks at the Dollar Tree. She is going to love all of her new socks.

Extras. My kiddo is like me in that she wants to make sure her lips are always hydrated. The lip balm that we go through in this house would surprise you. I found this three pack of Chapstick brand lippies so that she can have one with her at all times. And yes, you see a three pack of bubbles. You NEED to blow bubbles in your life! If you aren't into blowing bubbles, you are missing out!

I also added a pink bunny and some pastel Easter eggs. I thought the kiddo would enjoy that. Honestly though, kids love any Easter basket you give them. The thought of a gift impresses them.

Are you making Easter baskets this year? What are you putting in yours? If you need some ideas, take a peek at my Easter and Spring Pinterest page.

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