Planner Pages - Monthly October 2016

Hey there!

On Sundays we plan.

Well, on Sunday's I plan. Every Sunday afternoon, I pull out my current planner (my Erin Condren horizontal) and plan my week (or month). This week I had to plan for both my week and my Month. My week may not be blog worthy but my month feels like it should be because...

It's October!

October is a fun month to plan. October signals the ending of summer and a slow crawl into autumn. To mimic the seasons changing, I make sure my monthly spread is all Halloween. I pull out my Halloween bin (expect more on my Seasonal bins in a later post) and get out all of the goodies that I want to add to my planner spread. It's hard because I have a lot of fun things in my Halloween bin but I pare it down and try to stick to just my favorites. Well, I try to.

While I pick out my fun washi tape and markers, I also pick out my printable stickers that I purchase or get as freebies from two of my all time favorite sticker places, Paper & Glam and Vintage Glam Studio. Lisa at Paper & Glam fuels my love of seasonal living and Dru keeps my planner up to date all of the time. Both ladies offer fantastic freebies but I can never get enough so I move on over to the pretties that they have for sale.

This month I pulled out my Glam October, Halloween washi strips, Witches brew planner stickers and October monthly planner stickers. I add to that stickers that I get from the Michaels $1.50 section and Dollar Tree, as well as washi tape that comes from the same places and tada! You have an amazing spread. Yes, it's a little busy but I love it!

Sometimes I add other embellishments like ribbon, enamel dots and rhinestones but those things tend to add bulk to my planner so I keep it to a minimum.

While I do use my monthly planner page for basic information like holidays, football and television schedules and monthly "to-dos", I use the weekly pages for the details. Doctor's appointments, reminders to place orders or phone calls, dinner dates and bills all go on the weekly pages. I keep my planner open to the monthly pages so that anyone that peers over at it will see minimal information. I flip to the weekly pages when I have to write down the exact dollar amount for a bill or the telephone number for my local pharmacist. Those pages are only seen by me.

I know that many people consider calendar planning a bit over the top. I've heard the comments from folks that don't understand. I consider it to be a fun way to record what is happening in my year. I can flip to my April section right now and see just how much fun my birthday month was. I can also see how much my cable bill was and call to get a lower rate.

While it's normal to keep your calendar as a bill payment system or a weekly planning tool, I use mine for much more. I want to not only record the bills and appointments, I also want to record to meals out and meetings with friends. And, I want to decorate according to how I felt when it was happening at the time. That's what makes me feel good.

What makes you feel good in your planner and are you doing that now? If so, fantastic! Keep it up. If not, what's holding you back?

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