Easter Basket - Adults

Hey there!

Tuesday I gave you a peek of the Easter basket that my kiddo is getting. I know that most people think that the kiddie baskets are easy and that it's the adult Easter baskets that are more difficult. I say no, that's not the truth at all.

I stopped by the Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx and Target to get goodies for my mom's Easter basket. Yes, I made an Easter basket for my mom. She's been a good girl this year so she deserved it.

I found a really cute bag at the Dollar Tree and decided that it would be the Easter bag for all of my mom's goodies. I know that she'll think it's cute and she'll sit it out as another Easter decoration. An Easter basket that does double duty is a winner.

What woman doesn't love a good bubble bath and scented candle? My mother has plenty of shower gels but I know that she won't be upset with 2 more. And a candle for the bathroom while taking that bubble bath? Perfect! Everyone loves candles.

My mom is like my kid -- chocolate is nice but not necessarily the snack of choice. My mother has been wanting jelly beans for weeks. I'd be a terrible child if I didn't put them in her basket!

A pretty tea cup and some tea is a perfect addition for an adult Easter basket. My mother loves tea cups and tea pots. She will love a new cup for her collection. If your receiver prefers cocoa, then a nice mug and some cocoa will work.

I added some tissue paper as a backing in my Easter bag and carefully wrapped my breakables in a different color tissue paper. I can present it as is and I know that she will love it.

Adult baskets can be just as easy as kiddie baskets. Just think about the person that you are giving this gift to and add the trinkets and goodies that they like inside. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Need some ideas? Check out my Easter and spring Pinterest page for more ideas.

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