Wine Bottle Upcycle

Hey there!

I hope you had a happy Earth Day yesterday!! I have celebrated Earth Day for at least the last 6 years. One year I gave all of my coworkers "work silverware" so they didn't have to use plastic ware. The next year I gave them material napkins and DIY napkin rings for work. That's how into Earth Day I am.

This year I decided to upcycle some wine bottles that I have. Not all are from wines I personally drank. Some are bottles I was given for DIYs and others are wines that I didn't like so I poured them out (sorry wine aficionados). Any who, I decided that for this Earth Day, instead of adding to the landfills, I'd decorate some bottles for decorating my house!

All I used were...

* 2 bottles (from a night of drankin - just kidding)

* Craftsmart paint (that I got in a 4 pack from Michaels)

* pink and brown burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree)

* paint brush (Dollar Tree?)

* scissors (Walmart)

* glue gun and glue sticks (Target)

* an array of flowers (Dollar Tree)

* gem stones (Dollar Tree)

* a butterfly (Dollar Tree)

I know that I could have used spray paint. It would have taken a third of the time. But, I wanted to use the paints that I purchased for spring crafts. I knew that if I used 2 or 3 thin coats of paint, I could create the look that I wanted.


I mean, you know.

So, I did 2 thin coats on some colors and 3 on others. The purple (grape taffy) was very opaque and only needed 2 coats. Of course the yellow (light yellow) needed 3 coats and probably could have stood a 4th one. I also left a empty space between the two colors because I knew that I was going to add my burlap ribbon at those points.

When my paint was dry I decided to add to rows of my burlap ribbon. I measured my space on the bottle and cut, allowing for about a third of an inch overlap. I used my glue gun but didn't saturate the fabric. One, it's hot and you don't want to burn yourself. Two, burlap is a very "open" ribbon. The fibers are loose and globs of glue peeking through isn't attractive, rustic or not.

I didn't fret over how rustic it looked. I knew that flowers were going on top of the over lapped burlap.

Yep, the paint looks crazy toward the top of the bottle but don't worry. I blinged that part out! I thought that it went well and it brings the purple of the top and the pink of the paint together. Don't worry. I blinged out the other cap too AND I added a flower. I also added gem strips around the brown burlap for a touch of sparkle.

I forgot to take snaps of the gluing of the flowers. I had my mind on not burning my finger tips and it completely slipped my mind but, I think the end result is worth it -- don't you?

Don't throw away your wine bottles. Reuse them as vases for longer flowers, foliage or stems from outside. Or they can be pretties on a table or shelf or counter top. They make for easy decorating and you can jazz them up in so many ways.

Have you ever done a wine bottle upcycle? Do you (or a friend, wink wink) have a spare wine bottle? Do you have a glass sparkling water bottle? If so, try it! And, of course, tag me on IG!

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