Pinners Conference 2017 – Atlanta; The Loot

Hey there!

Tuesday I showed you how much fun I had and how much I learned at the Pinners Conference. Today I wanted to share what freebies I got and what I bought.

As you walked into the area you were handed a tote bag from Tandy Leather. There wasn't a ton of stuff inside; just some coupons and flyers.

Next to the door was the Tandy Leather booth and there you could make things out of leather! I stopped, waited my turn and made a leather tag! XOXO!

My first class was "Make Your Planner Fun & Functional" by Tombow's Jennie Garcia. It was a fantastic class. We got a folder making kit for our planner for free. The paper is so cute!

In class, we had the option of buying a Tombow kit for $15. Yes please! It came with 2 dual tip markers, 1 Tombow Removable Adhesive Runner (green), 1 super permanent adhesive runner (cute blue) and a Monotwin pen. When I was walking through the show I was given a second MONO Adhesive Permanent runner. I like tape runners and this gives me the ability to try them out. I already know that I like the super permanent adhesive runner.

Another class that I attended was the "Creative Messaging in Home Decor" by DCWV's Jesse Peterson class. That was a free class but you kinda needed the kit. For $20 you got the messaging board and lots of white letters to use on the board. A freebie was the Glam and Go bag to keep your white letters. I also won a set of words to go on my message board! I hadn't thought of purchasing a message board before but now I can think of so many uses for it (love notes, menus, schedules, to do lists, etc).

Between classes I shopped a little bit. I stopped by a store that was selling lots of different planner and scrappy things. I picked up some double sided tape (1/8" wide, so super thin) and 4 cute markers. Always looking for planner tools!

I also took a make and take while waiting on a class. Plaid Crafts had a wood square that I painted blue, added white stars and then used a special tool to antique my square! How neat is this? And, it was free! Thanks Plaid! This is going in my craft area.

Before my "Capturing Sweet Moments" by Live Sweet Photography's Lindsey Bonnice, we got a little sweet treat bag with a notebook, small pencil, tiny candies and confetti. I haven't opened it yet but I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

I stopped by the WallsNeedLove booth and they gave me a sample of their removable wallpaper. I have to admit, I was pretty stoked because if you get tired of the wallpaper, it's supposed to be easy to remove. That's great if you are renting your place. I don't really plan on using my sample on the wall. I'm going to use it in my crafting.

The conference really had a lot going on. There was something for everyone as far as classes were concerned and the shopping was nonstop. If you have a chance to go next year, take it! It's only a few dollars and you will certainly get your money's worth!

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