Upcycle - Some Toilet Paper Rolls and an Outdoor Planter Bucket Walk Into A Bar...

Hey there!

Along with DIY fun, I always look at ordinary, everyday items and think, "How can I use this in my craft area?"

This is an outdoor planter bucket. I'm not sure that that is the real name for it but that's what I'm calling it. I saw it in the checkout lane at TJ Maxx. It was only $7.99! My first thought was I was going to use this to hold my vast collection of markers.

Well I plopped some of my markers in the two sided container and they fell all over the place. I'd have to pack each side chock full of markers in order for them to stay standing in the container. I like to see some order in my disorder so that wasn't good enough. That's when I saw my bag of toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

I always keep these rolls in my craft area. You can use them to craft quite a few things. You can make animals. You can use it as a paint dauber. You can make fancy wall art. YES! Take a peek at all the fun stuff I found on Pinterest .

All I did to make this super fancy (not) marker holder was hot glue the toilet paper rolls together and put them inside the outdoor planter bucket. You don't have to glue the rolls together but I found that they move a lot when they are just free. When glued together, they move a little but not as much as when they are free.

When you add the markers or other writing instruments, you do have to be careful with how many you put in each space. I went with a color scheme and was able to fit about 7 or 8 markers and pens together. If the pens are thinner, you can probably fit 9 or 10. If you have some larger markers, then maybe only 5.

And there will be extra space in the canister, between the toilet paper rolls. I added things like scissors, longer glue stickers and longer ink pens. I even hung my stapler off of the side of the bucket.

You can add a ruler or two, a craft knife, paint brushes, almost anything you have. Your writing desk might be different from your arts and crafts desk. Mine isn't so I just dump everything together. Having everything within your reach is smart.

And a pretty writing instrument holder is always a winning touch. It looks pretty to others that might see your desk but it also makes you feel good. I love seeing all of my markers in color order. If I need to color in a grape, I have all of my purples, lilacs and violets together in one space.

Have you ever upcycled your toilet paper and paper towel rolls? What did you make? Was it easy? Stay tuned because now that the hot glue gun is out, you never know what I'll make next!

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