Upcycle - Boxes, Shelf Paper and Duct Tape

Hey there!

Folks, we are back on the upcycle train...

I had a box. I needed to change it into a nice looking container. I used shelf paper and decorative duct tape. Done.

I always need places to store things in. I could go out and buy some nice storage containers, spend $20 bucks, and hope they fit in the space that you are using. Or, you could take two or three boxes, make them fancy for less than $2 and spend the $18 on dinner and dessert. I'll take choice two please.

So I pulled out my camera midway through putting this box together. But, rather than take it apart and show you my steps I decided to take another box and recreate what I did.

All you need is a box, some shelf paper, duct tape (optional for decoration) and scissors. I chose paper that matches other containers in my craft area. I chose the duct tape because it was fun and gave a hint as to what would be inside the box.

Because I used a sandal box, it didn't take much contact paper to cover it. I just measured a sheet out and tucked and folded everything into place.

I used a paint guide spatula. I'm not sure what they are intended for (well yes, paint) but I needed something for things just like this. A smoother, if you will.

I added duct tape to the top of the box. Now, if you decide that you don't want to use contact paper, you can decorate the box entirely in duct tape. Or wrapping paper. Or fabric. You can decorate the box in anything you want to. Just make sure you do it neatly.

Once I finished decorating my box, I didn't just chuck all of my markers into it. No, I added some plastic buckets inside so that I could add my markers in an organized fashion.

Now you will never look at an empty box the same way again. When you go to Target or Walmart you will glance at the shelf paper and think about how well it will match the color scheme in your laundry room or on your book case.

And it's totally acceptable to do so! Upcycling is ok. If you don't believe me, take a twirl on Pinterest and see what everyone else is doing.

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