DIY - Floral Picture Frame; The Mother's Day Edition

Hey there!

I received quite a few compliments on my floral picture frame so I decided to make one on a smaller scale for Mother's Day. My mom isn't an all out floral gal but a touch of flowers here and there is ok.

The Dollar Tree has had these silver frames in stock and I have been grabbing them up. If I had my 'druthers, I'd pick a good old fashioned silver frame over all other frames. I feel like they are classy and go with everything. And, a cheap silver frame looks better than a cheap gold frame.

So if you are crafting along at home, you'll need the following...

** a picture frame (Dollar Tree)

** some flowers (not many are needed) (Hobby Lobby)

** glue gun and glue sticks (Target)

** glitter glue (optional) (Michaels)

** gem stones (optional) (Dollar Tree)

1. Remove your backing and glass from your picture frame. If you need to clean it up, do so. Sometimes the Dollar Tree frames are a bit dusty.

2. Find two or three really nice flowers from your floral bunch and pull them from the stem. I will admit that because I wanted roses, I had to get mine from Hobby Lobby. After Valentine's Day, Dollar Tree doesn't seem to carry roses. Next February, I'm going to stock up on roses.

3. Take your hot glue gun and attach your flowers to one side of the frame. Pick one of the bottom corners. Your flowers might be too heavy for the top corners. If you have some open spots, pull one of your other flowers apart and stick flower petals in the sparse spots.

4. The white roses were pretty but you know I have to do something extra. I decided that I wanted to add some glitter glue. I added silver dots to the rose petals. You can add just a few or go a bit crazy like I did and give your roses silver measles.

5. While I was letting the glitter glue dry (24 hours is best) I decided I needed to bedazzle my frame. So, I added gem stones all around the frame. You can't tell by these pictures but the glitter glue and gem stones really pop. I think they add a nice touch to the frame.

My plan for this frame is to pop a picture in it and hand it to my mom. I know that she'll love it. You can use any type of flowers in any color to add to your picture frame. You can pick up your mom's favorite flower or you can get whatever is on sale. Just make sure there is enough of a flower bud to hot glue to the frame.

What are you doing for Mother's Day? If you aren't sure yet, come back Saturday because we are making cards for the moms in your life! And, I think you are doing to like what we will be making!

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