Pom pom Mother's Day Cards

May 6, 2017


Hey there!


If you are like me, each year you want to create a bigger, better Mother's Day card than the year before. I don't want my cards to match ones that I've already given. I always want to do something different. So I decided that this year I'd make...


Pom pom ball Mother's Day cards! I've been holding on to this craft for two months! I saw these on Pinterest and I just had to make them. 



It's so easy. I just used a big bag of pom poms from Joann's, Elmer's tacky glue and an assortment of markers. I thought it would be a pain because for as much as I craft, I cannot draw. 


I started with plain white mattes, just slightly smaller than my card. Normally with mattes I want it to accentuate the card so I use bright colors and leave a 1/4" edge around the card. For this project it was closer to 1/8" because I wanted it to blend. 


For each matte I pulled out a few pom poms; pink for the flamingo card and yellow for the chicks. I bought a large bag of assorted pom poms. With assortments, you get what you get. I really didn't have enough pom pom sizes to make all the cards that I wanted. If you are going to make several cards, I'd purchase a large assorted bag and then smaller bags of the color that you need.


Along with the pom poms you have to use some markers. For the chick card I used an orange fine line Sharpie and my black Zig double sided marker. For the flamingo I used my black Zig double sided marker and a pink Tombow double sided marker.


I stuck the pompoms on the paper and then drew a orange beak and stick feet for the chicks. For the flamingos I drew hook necks and slightly curved lines for legs. I added an eye and beaks. Don't over think the necks and feet. I promise you, once you step back and look at your lines, you will break your arm patting yourself on the back. Well, I did.



I didn't want to take away from the simplicity of the card so I just used some watercolor paper from my scraps and wrote in Happy Mother's Day. I outlined them with ink and stuck it at the top of the card. Then I just used my Elmer's glue (not a lot, just enough) to adhere the matte to the card base.



And, because I didn't want to do too much, I used die cuts from my stash and glued them inside. I did very little to the cards because the drama is on the front.


Isn't that the cutest thing ever? You have to try your hand at these. I bet you have more fun than you expected. But, if this isn't your cup of tea, I have several ideas on my Mother's Day Card Pinterest board.


Feel more traditional that this? No worries. Come back Tuesday and see what you can do!

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