More Mother's Day Cards

Hey there!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! You can pop into the local store and buy a card, sure. But, why don't you do what you did when you were 6 and make a card for all the moms in your life?! A store bought card is fine but I know that your mom would get a kick out of something that you made yourself. I made three cards that you can totally make too!

My first card is for those of you that have a heart punch and need to get the most mileage out of it that you can. Or, for those of you that are good at drawing and then cutting out hearts. Or circles, or butterflies. The shape doesn't matter -- the love does. I just pulled out my card base, a blue matte, my black fine line Sharpie and I punched 15 hearts.

I glued 5 hearts at the top, 7 hearts in the middle and 3 hearts at the bottom. Then I drew crazy looking strings from each heart so it looked like 15 balloons. Because the area where all the strings came together looked crazy, I added some gem stones.

I wrote a letter from the phrase "Happy Mother's Day" in each heart balloon and glued the blue matte onto the card base. All of a sudden, I had a cute card that any of the mom's in my life would love.

Sometimes the easiest way to make a card is to pull out one of your paper pads and rip out some pages. I have this Craft Smith Garden Party paper pad that has some beautiful papers. I added some doilies and letters from my stash, and I got a whole bunch of gorgeous! What mom wouldn't love this?

For my third card, I thought I'd just layer some stuff on top of each other and see what I got. Layering is a very easy way to make a card that looks like you spent hours on it. I pulled a matte and several papers a bit smaller than my matte and went to town cutting and gluing things together.

When you're done, you get something that you can really be proud of! Just add it to your card base! You know have 3 cards to give to those folks that you love!

If you want something a little bit fancier, in my last post I made some really cute pom pom cards. If none of these things float your boat, take a peek at my Pinterest Mother's Day Craft board.

You have a few days left people! Get crafting!

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