Mothers Day Flip Book

Hey there!

I don't make flip books for just anyone. You have to be a special person for me to pull out my pretty paper and all of my embellishments. I have to like you a lot to spend an hour (or two) making a customized book of love for you.

Well, I have many mom friends that I like that much. Here's what I made for one of them.

The base of my flip book is large envelopes. At my job we tend to get companies that send us "office card samples" and I end up throwing them out. But, I started keeping the envelopes because they are such nice quality. I taped three of them together and then added paper over them.

I used my Garden Party paper pad from Craft Smith for the cover. I loved the pink and blue roses. I also took a cutout from another paper pad, matted it and put it front and center, like a title.

My number one concern with a flip book is making sure I have plenty of picture spots. I have started to label them as such so that people that don't normally use flip books know what they are for.

This book has nine picture spots. I've created 4 X 6 spots and smaller spots.

I did quite a bit of fussy cutting which is not normally my m.o. I took those flower cut outs and layered them for sweet embellishments. I also used stickers from my stash.

There are a few journaling spots or note areas. I don't add a lot just in case the receiver sees them as wasted space.

I added some charms on a piece of ribbon. I chose 3 pieces of thin ribbon in colors that matched the cover of my flip book. Because I didn't preplan the charm, it looks slightly haphazard. But, I think it's cute. I'm sure the receiver will think so as well.

I enjoy making flip books. I need to make more, explain what they are for and hand them out. I think once my friends and family see what they are for, they'll appreciate them.

If they aren't sure what they are used for, they can use it for decor.

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