Petals + Blooms Planner

Hey there!

I bought another planner.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I just bought a new one a month ago.

After buying my Happy Planner (which I love), I discovered a few things.. The first thing is that there is plenty of room to write in your paycheck amount, write out how much and when your bills are due and when, where and with whom your doctor's appointments are with. The second thing I discovered is that not everyone needs to know this information. That means that taking this planner with you could be risky. The third thing is that it's kinda big. And, the next (only) size down is kinda small. For me, it has to be a desk planner. It's just too big to take anywhere.

I did want something to write my appointments, budget and information in. But, I will only add the briefest of information. I won't add the dollar amount of my cell phone bill, just when it is due. And, I wanted to be able to whip it out when making important business meeting plans (happy hour plans with friends).

So what planner did I decide to use for this task? Well, after several weeks of checking them all out, I decided on the Petals + Blooms Planner from Hobby Lobby. The color of the cover was pretty, it is a great tote purse size and the inside pages were already decorated very nicely but would be easy to decorate over.

The planner comes with a sturdy magnetic clasp, several pockets for goodies and a matching pen loop. The gold 6 ring closure is easy to open and close. I'm normally a silver fittings kind of girl but this closure is really classy and works well with the coral planner.

I'm not normally a floral girl but the decor in this planner works. If I decide that a flower cluster is just too much for me, I can cover it with stickers or washi.

The boxes in both the monthly and weekly spreads are smaller than the Happy Planner of course, but there is plenty of room to write "dinner at mom's". I don't need to add mom's address or anything so it's perfect.

I think this planner will be very functional and I'll enjoy pulling this out, planning, recording events and decorating.

The only drawback of this planner is that it starts in July and I want to use it now. But, you know me! That's not really a drawback. I just found months that aligned with May and June, made copies and covered the parts that I needed to! I'm crafty like that!

That brings my planner count to two. That might seem like a lot but I know my girls in the planner community are laughing at me. They have 4, 5 even 6 planners that they use all the time.

How many planners do you have? Is it enough? Do you look at everyone else's and wonder if you should add another one? I say do it!

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