Pineapple Paradise Flip Book

Hey there!

Can flip book making be your love language? I am pretty certain that it's mine. Whenever I think of gifts for friends and family, I turn to making flip books. Some are really simple and then some, for friends and family that understand what I do for fun, are more ornate.

This one for a dear, sweet coworker of mine is more ornate. She likes (loves) pineapples so when all of the pineapple paper pads from Michaels and Jo Ann Craft Stores appeared, I knew that I needed to make her, her very own flip book.

I used a pre-made chipboard book from Michaels. I like using these pre-made books because you can spend all of your time on the decorating instead of adding an extra hour or two making the book and binding. You can also spend $4.99 (or $2.99 with a coupon) and have your base rather than buying 2 or more sheets of chipboard, binder rings, etc. This is an easy get it and go book base.

I added a charm chain to the top ring. I used of course, a small pineapple but, I also added a globe (for travel), dragonfly (for change and a deeper understanding of your life) and a pair of scissors (my business charm but also for change and precision). I like adding charms to flip books. I think the receiver appreciates the extra personalization.

All of the pages are super colorful with pineapples, flamingos and tropical treats. I wanted to use all of the embellishments that I could cram on a page.

And the color palette! I used hot pink, wild yellow, loud orange and gold foiled metallics! I wanted my flip book to jump out and yell "hello!" I think I was successful.

I like a good pocket page. A pocket page is anything that involves a pocket. You can fit photos or journal spots or letters or receipts in a pocket.

There are lots of picture spots and journaling spots. I think a flip book should be full of places to keep memories and then talk about those memories.

I added some tags and bonus inspiration spots. I think having multi size pages is fun and you can add extra places for pictures and journaling.

The back of my book is simple foiled pineapple paper and one, cute pineapple. It's simple and sweet.

Flip books are a beautiful way to show someone that you care. From the time that they spend adding pictures and memories to the book to the time that they flip through and show others their book, they will smile and remember what a thoughtful gift you gave them.

Have you made a flip book yet? If not, let's get to it!

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