Pinterest Nebula Jar Fail

Hey there!

So two thoughts happened during this diy project. Well, the first thought was before the project. I realized that I just don't post kid friendly diys often enough. My kiddo is an adult so kid friendly projects aren't always top of mind. But, we have summer straight ahead and that means kids at home. So, because I want to help the mommies keep the kiddies busy, I scoured Pinterest and found some kid friends projects.

The second thing I learned with this project is that Pinterest fails are real.

I saw the nebula jar project and thought, "That's a neat project! The items are easily found and I can't mess that up". We should insert a high pitched hysterical laugh right here.

I won't throw any tutorials under the bus because I am sure that this fail is user error so I'll just show you what I did.

All I needed for this DIY was a clean jar, water, cotton balls, glitter and paint. Check!

1. I used an empty bottle that I had on hand. No, the bottle itself isn't kid friendly. Don't judge. It was clean and if the project went as planned, would be so cool.

2. You are supposed to pour water into the bottle in thirds. So, I poured my first third.

3. I then added several drops of purple paint. I shook it slightly to mix the paint with water.

4. I pulled cotton balls apart and pushed them through the top of the jar.

5. I then added the next third of the water and pink paint. Then cotton balls. Then the third, third of water and blue paint. Then cotton balls.

6. The last thing you add is glitter. You are supposed to shake slightly and tada!

No tada! It looks like murky stuff. The glitter didn't want to mix but the paint sure did. It didn't look like the Pinterest pictures but that happens sometimes. I wasn't upset. I laughed. Then I went back on Pinterest and looked at what I might have done incorrectly. A different type of paint? Wider mouth jar? Add water last? There are several ideas floating around.

I will try this DIY again. Now I feel that I need to get it right! Check back in a few weeks when I get new supplies and begin pouring for a second time!

I know you have had a Pinterest fail! What was it? Did you try again? What do you think went wrong?

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