A Brand New Beginning!

Hey there!

Honestly, I had another post set up to publish for today. But then a “baby got born” and I wanted to talk about that instead.

My blog got a new look and feel!!!

(That’s the baby that “got born”).

Like the new look? Yep! I refreshed the look of the blog as well as how it’s categorized. I wanted softer lines and something a bit more reflective of me. I wanted colors that were pretty but also worked with the posts themselves. So, I hired the fantastic team at Cre8tive Hack and got me a facelift.

It was kinda that easy.

I had to think about where this blog was going and what I wanted to get from it. More importantly, I had to think about what I wanted to “give from it”. We all know that I like paper, glitter and glue but what does that really translate to? What gift can you give from that?

When I began thinking about starting a blog, I wanted to show off the creations that I made. I wanted to find/create a like-minded community that would enjoy looking at DIY wall art and paper crafts and repurposed items. I wanted to share what I had learned with others so that they could learn too!

So I started crafting… and taking pictures of those crafts… and writing about those crafts. And it has been a blast! Some things worked out very well. Others, well, you don’t always see those items! But it all has been fun. And now, I’ve taken my baby, wrapped her in a pretty new blanket and I’m showing her off to the world!

So you will still need your cup of whatever you’d like to drink. You will still need to take a seat. But now you will have a calmer, sweeter place to enjoy looking at crafts and gleaning some ideas for your own DIY projects.

Just come on in and enjoy yourself. I’ve said it before - this is a place for you. If may be DIY Wright, but it’s also DIY “Insert Your Last Name Here”.


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