Yarn Wrapped Letter

Hey there!

Pinterest is a dangerous place people. I can get lost for hours finding projects to try. One of the projects that kept coming up was a yarn wrapped cardboard letter. I have yarn and I have cardboard. I like letters. I thought that this would be a great idea to try out. If it worked, I'd have a cute W for my office area. If it didn't work out, it's cardboard that I was going to recycle anyway.

The basic supplies that I saw on all of the Pinterest boards was that you need yarn, cardboard, scissors and/or a box cutter. Don't get caught up in any jagged edges that you might have. As you wrap the yarn around the edges and corners, it will smooth out the shape. And, don't get caught up in making a perfect letter. It's a creative piece that you will enjoy making and enjoy looking at.

You can begin wrapping your yarn around the letter. You can use 1 skein of yarn or 5 skeins. It's up to you. I chose 2 because I liked the colors. I duct taped them to the back of the letter and began wrapping.

The back of the letter is all crazy looking because I used hot pink duct tape to hold the yarn in place. Then I added a dab of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.

I must admit my W looks slightly off. It's a W. There's not an easy way to wrap certain letters. But, because it looked weird, I decided to add some embellishments to it.

Buttons! I pulled out some yellow, orange and red buttons and hot glued them in place.

I also decided to plop on a pretty orangey yellow flower. I think it made the letter looked pulled together.

And how cute is that? You can make it any color or any size that you'd like and you can complement any room in your house. It's also so easy to make cute gifts for family and friends.

Check out my DIY Projects Pinterest board, get some ideas and grab some yarn! You've got some letters to wrap!

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