Ali Edwards Week In The Life - Birthday Week

Hey there!

Back in March I read about the Ali Edward’s Week in The Life kit and decided to commemorate my first week of 45 (my 45th birthday was April 16) with it. Birthdays are always big for me, no matter what number but I knew that I wanted to capture this milestone. Let me show you a little bit of it.

First, how much of the kit did I actually use? Well, I showed you the kit in the blog post that I did in April. I had assumed that I’d use most of everything in the kit. All of the journal cards and rubber icon pieces got a work out. I probably used 20 of the journal cards. I did add some extra journal cards from my stash.

I used all but 1 of the 6X8 page protectors and 3 or 4 of the 3X4 page protectors. But, I didn’t touch the 2X2 page protectors at all. I also didn’t use the wood veneer pieces, much of the stamp set or any of the chipboard alpha pieces. I used all but 1 of the square chipboard shapes. I loved them.

I didn’t use the plastic numbers and I only used 5 of the pennant die cut pieces. I did use the days of the week divider pages though. I think they must have been bonus items. Of course I used the binder and the 7 plastic days of the week die cuts.

So in reality, I only used 1/3 of the kit. I know that I’ll use the rest of the journaling cards and page protectors in upcoming summer projects. I’ll certainly find use for the wood veneer pieces, plastic numbers and stamp set, so no worries on that front. But, with other items (large chipboard alpha pieces, perforated word strip sheets), I’ll have to make a concerted effort to use them – but I will.

All in all, the kit is fantastic and a great idea. My memory capturing skills aren’t at the same level though. I’m glad I purchased it and I will certainly look into it next year as well.

So onto the reason you are really here. You want to snoop in my life! You want to see the pictures from my week. No worries. Here you go!

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