Kid Friendly - Clothes Pin Insects

Hey there!

I said that now that summer was around the corner, I was going to add more kid friendly projects on my blog. Ok, I'm adding them because they are fun and easy. And, some are downright adorable.

Like clothes pin crafts. Insects to be exact.

Are you kidding me? These crafts are simple and cute! I know they are meant for the kiddos but I dare you not to make one or two for yourself. Go ahead. Look at these fun ideas and try.

Now, I mention hot glue in all of these crafts. But, you can easily use a strong, craft glue. I also of course, use clothes pins. I have picked up packs from both the Dollar Tree and Walmart for less than $2. All of the paint that I used was the cheap stuff and I got my pom poms, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes at Michaels. But, you can get them from Walmart and sometimes Target as well.

My first insect is a grasshopper. I just took 2 different shades of pipe cleaners, green paint, wiggle eyes and of course, a clothes pin. I also used my glue gun and a wire cutter. You can always use scissors to cut the pipe cleaners but I had my wire cutter handy.

I painted the clothes pin with some Anita's All Purpose Acrylic Paint in Christmas Green. And I cut the pipe cleaners. I estimated what I would need for antennas, front legs and back legs.

Once the paint dried, I hot glued the legs, antennas and wiggly eyes to the clothes pin. And, you have a grass hopper!

My second insect was a dragonfly. I also used pipe cleaners, paint, wiggle eyes and a clothes pin.

I painted my clothes pin white (Anita's All Purpose Acrylic Paint) and then used Anita's All Purpose Acrylic Paint in Golden Yellow and Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Tuscan Teal to make stripes on the dragonfly's back.

I took my pipe cleaners, attached them to form a circle and the twisted the circle into a figure 8. Once you have your figure 8, you clip them in the clothes pin and you have your dragonfly.

The last insect that I made is a caterpillar. I know that technically it's not an insect but go with it people. I used the hot glue gun, wiggly eyes, small pom pom balls and a clothes pin. I didn't have bright, vibrant pom poms so I used the pastel pom poms that I had.

This is the easiest of the critters to make. You add a line of hot glue, add your pom poms and your wiggly eyes. It's just that easy.

Aside from the fact that my caterpillar looks slightly crazy, these turned out pretty nice. They didn't take very long to make and almost everything that I used should be in your summer craft kit. If you decide to make one of these, tag me on Instagram and show me your bugs!

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