Magnetic Board Made With A Cookie Sheet

Hey there!

Next to Pinterest, YouTube is a crafty minx. You watch haul and DIY videos and then you get sucked in. I kept seeing this craft on Pinterest and YouTube and decided that I really wanted to try it. All I needed was a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree, some magnets and a can of spray paint. But, because I wanted it to look spectacular, I also added some goodies from my stash.

The first thing I did was wait for a dry day. We had so many rainy days the week that I wanted to try this project. I learned the hard way that spray paint doesn't like damp weather. So, once I had my dry day, I pulled out my drop cloth and large box (to protect my deck from getting splattered) and got to work.

I chose a glossy paint in Bahama Sea by Krylon ColorMaster. It claimed to dry in 10 minutes or less and I think it was true to it's word. I gave it about 20 minutes between coats just to be safe.

I sprayed 3 coats just to make sure everything was covered. I wanted to make sure the surfaces that would not be seen got a coat but anything that would be seen would be covered well.

After letting the last coat dry overnight, I decided to, not only add my magnets, but add a little bit extra. I pulled washi tape and post it notes to add to the board. I also added a cute little sticker in the corner that reads "Never Give Up". I need that because sometimes my blog ideas don't turn out quite like I planned them. That happens with Pinterest and YouTube sometimes.

But not this time! I am in love with my magnetic board. I think it's great for your desk space, your kitchen, by the front door, you name it.

In case you are looking for some crafty ideas to try, you can check out my DIY Project Pinterest board. If you do make something, tag me on Instagram and show me your creation!

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