Wall Art - Dollar Tree Clings Part 1

Hey there!

I love looking at the wall clings that they have at the Dollar Tree. They are always so colorful and pretty or peaceful and calming. I look through the designs and always want to take some home with me. But, I am a renter and even though the wall clings are supposed to come off and not leave a sticky residue or claim to not damage the walls, I don't buy it. I know that I have to pay extra for a damaged wall and I'm not willing to take the chance.

So no cute wall clings for me, right?

Wrong. I still have wall clings on my wall. Just not directly on my wall.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to find 11" X 14" frames at the Dollar Tree. When I do, I snatch them up. They are great for larger pictures with mattes or art work like this.

I also picked up a pack of Jot brand poster board in the same size. The Jot brand poster board is great for crafts.

The wall cling that I chose was a silver tree branch with the words "Believe * Treasure * Cherish * Dream * Love" on it. I thought it was a beautiful sentiment for wall art.

After I measured the tree, I realized that it was slightly bigger than 11" across. Even with me maneuvering the tree branch I still ended up with about 2" too much. I decided to combine two pieces of cardboard and then trim what I could to fit the frame.

I used my slip resistant ruler and Fiskars craft knife and cut the two pieces of cardboard down to the size of the picture frame. I had to sacrifice a portion of the word believe and a portion of the word love but I don't think I took away from the integrity of the wall cling.

I think that this is so pretty. If I have to offer any advice, it's to make sure your cling fits in the frame or can be manipulated to fit into the frame. Other than that, I say get a wall cling and create some wall art!

Have you used the Dollar Tree wall clings? What did you think of them?

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