Wall Art - Dollar Tree Clings Part 2

Hey there!

My last post was about my framed wall cling art. Today's post is also about wall cling art. That's because the Dollar tree had really cute wall clings.

Dollar Tree always has cute wall clings but these caught my eye and had me really wanting to plaster my walls in cling art. But, being a good girl I settled on two things -- framed art (from part 1) and a banner cling.

I love banners. If you have read my blog for a while you know this. Banners are fun and easy and change the look of a room. I've made all kinds of banners before and the easiest types of banners are the ones that are already partially made for you.

I picked up Jot poster board and the banner clings from Dollar Tree. I picked up some parachute cord from Walmart and some Scotch removable wall mounts from Target. The entire project was about $8 but you can use the cord 2 more times and the removable wall mounts 15 more times.

Instead of plastering the wall cling banners directly to the wall, I put them on the poster board and cut them out. But, I left a little lip on the top of each triangle so that I could fold it over the parachute cord.

In order to get my lip, I used my slip resistant ruler and my bone folder and created a fold line. If you can make a straight fold, then do it that way. I can't fold or cut a straight line to save my life so I need help.

Now, when you fold over your poster board, you can use whatever adhesive works best for you. You guys know that I love my double sided tape. It's super strong and perfect for this project.

I also added the circles and birds to poster board and cut them out. It's a bit of a pain if you don't enjoy fussy cutting but it wasn't hard. I happen to have a 1" hole punch so I didn't have to fussy cut the circles (thank goodness!). When I finally get to do a blog post on must haves level two, I am going to add circle punches. I have 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2". I do plan to add 2" and 3" to my collection soon.

Once I strung all of my banners on the cord, I used the Scotch Reusable Mounting tape to adhere this to the wall. I'm not loyal. I also use other brands as well. All of them tend to remove from the wall without marks, providing you remove them slowly. Take your time or you'll take paint from the wall.

I thought my wall art clings looked fabulous! I actually would have gotten two sets and decorated my entire living room wall! I might go back and do just that!

Have you tried the Dollar Tree wall clings? Have you gotten any brilliant ideas? If you do decide to try Dollar Tree wall art, tag me on Instagram and let me see!

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