Father's Day Cards

Hey there!

In just another week it will be time to make your dad breakfast in bed or take him to lunch. You'll also need to hand him his father's day card. I know that you've already either picked up your card or begun making one. If you haven't done that today would be a good day to look at Pinterest and get some ideas!

I picked up 3 great card ideas from Pinterest and decided to show you what I made.

The first card I made was a very simple card that the kiddos can make for their dad. It's simply a circle in between a square cut into triangles to make a bow tie. I decided to go with 2 contrasting colors but you could make it with complementary colors as well. For the sentiment, I just went online and printed out a sentiment in the font that I liked.

The second card that I made was a suit jacket card. I love it! It's simply a black card matte on top of the white card base. I folded the corner of the black card back to form the lapel collar and then used my white roller gel pen to add white stitching! I also cut a small slit for cash or a gift card. Isn't that cute as pie? I mean manly as trucks and dirt.

My favorite card was the father's day wallet. It was super easy to make. I just took a brown piece of cardstock, folded it almost in half and used double sided tape to close the sides.

I again, used my white roller gel pen and added white stitching all over and then I cut out the letters to write DAD on the front of the wallet. The inside of the wallet is a piece of cream paper that I added a sentiment from the internet and tucked it into the card. Someone could add any other sentiment that they wanted to or a handwritten sentiment.

Three very easy cards using ideas from Pinterest. You can always find great card ideas online. You just have to look!

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