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Hey there!

Before I got into crafting heavily, I used eBay very little. I'd see something every now and then but I wouldn't buy very much. Once I jumped into paper crafts and planners, I began making more eBay purchases. The prices can be really good and so far (fingers crossed!) I haven't had any shipping issues.

Here's the disclaimer - I purchased all of these products myself. The reviews are my own opinion and I wasn't compensated in any way, shape or form. I've added the eBay sellers because I felt they worked well for me and I wanted to share the love.

One of the first things that I looked for on eBay were tiny scissors. I knew that I'd want to use them as charms for things that I create. So, I found these scissors that looked the way I wanted and bought a bag of 100 for $6 (shipping included - seller - 2013zhijian19840826). It took a minute to find them because hair dressing shears came up more than sewing scissors but once I found these I was very happy.

A deal that I wasn't even looking for (isn't that always the way?!) was this lace scroll die. It was $1.88 (shipping included - seller: jewelrysmart87). I have a small Spellbinders Sapphire die cut machine so when I look for dies, I have to look for pieces that are smaller than 2 1/4" wide. When I saw this pretty lace like die, I knew that it had to join my collection. It makes such a delicate die cut that I can add to cards and scrapbook pages.

I don't remember who the seller was for these cute stickers. No, they aren't all in English and no, they don't all make total sense but they are so cute! The fit in all of my planners and they are an easy way to add just a little bit of decor. And, they were cheap.

Each of my 4 rolls of washi tape was $1.50 each (shipping included - seller: seller-777). I know that I can get washi tape at a lot of craft stores but sometimes I see the same styles over and over and I want something a little different. eBay allows you to find cute new styles of washi for a really good price.

I know that I don't like to shop online a lot. I like to touch my purchases before buying them but for simple things online is fine. For these items, eBay was a great shopping alternative. I just made sure I looked at the feedback and how positive their reviews were.

Have you shopped on eBay before? What did you get and how happy were you?

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