Upcycle - Candle Jar & Washi Tape

Hey there!

We all love candles and we all know that when you finish with your candle, you melt or freeze the leftover wax out. Normally the residual wax comes out perfectly. Every now and then you can't get it out or the glass is smudged. What do you do then?

Well I make a pen or pencil holder, cause I have a writing instrument problem (fetish). You can make it into a holder for anything. All you need is washi tape.

Yep, washi tape. You can change just about anything with washi tape. You can decorate with plain washi or fancy washi. You can match it to your room decor or any project that you are working on. Why use washi tape? Cause you have, like 200 rolls of if it.

Oh, just me? Never mind.

Take this lovely candle jar. I was so excited when the candle wax was gone. I just knew that I'd have a beautiful jar to put lovely things in. See that smoke smudge? So do I.

I pulled some of my washi tape and decided to wind it around the glass jar. No, it's not going to be perfect. I already know that. But it's going to be cute!

We know that all washi tape is not created equal. How many times have you used washi only to find that it didn't stick well or at all? So, to combat that, I pulled out my good ole double sided tape and added some extra stick to my candle jar.

I didn't worry too much about my colors being matchy matchy. I just wanted to use some of my pretty tape. I also didn't worry about it being perfectly placed. This is a project to show that you can reuse things instead of tossing them. If you feel like your washi tape isn't good enough, take it off and start over! You get tired of a pink jar? Start over with blue tape!

I love the fact that I have a pretty jar to display my most used pens, pencils and markers. You can never go wrong with washi tape.

And if you do, you can start all over!

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