Painted Dollar Tree Stars

Hey there!

You guys know that I am all about the decorations. I live seasonally and decorate my house to match the season. The 4th of July is coming up. So, for the next few blog posts, let me show you what patriotic goodies I have going up.

Today, I'm going to show you how I made painted stars. They were cheap and easy and so cute!

First, I picked up star containers from the Dollar Tree. I guess these are candy dishes. I plan on using them as bookshelf art. I also pulled out some red, white and blue paint. What other colors would you use for the 4th of July?!

Secondly, I washed out the dishes and let them dry. I've done projects without washing out my jars, vases, etc and found that painting over dirt and dust isn't easy. And, make sure your paint isn't old and that you shake it up well. You'll see why later.

My first coat of paint was kinda janky. I did discover that it's easier to paint up the sides of the dish first and let it dry completely. Then add a second coat and let that dry completely. Then paint the inside of the dish. I didn't do that and it didn't turn out as great.

Once I added the second coat it looked better. Then next morning, after a complete dry, it looked tons better.

Because I was using older paint, or didn't shake it, or didn't do the sides first and bottom last, they didn't turn out super pretty as a candy dish would. But, my intention was to add them as pops of patriotism on my bookshelf. Check! Mission accomplished. You don't really see the inside of the dish, just the outside so they look great!

This is a easy project that will look so nice anywhere. You can put these up on your mantle or on your desk at work. It takes time because you really have to let the paint dry. You could use spray paint but I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to finish off cans of these particular colors so instead of 3, $7-$9 cans of paint, I used 3, $.50 - $.97 bottles of paint instead.

What home decor are you using for the 4th? If you need some ideas you can check out my July Pinterest page or you can just come back Tuesday!

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