Wall Art - Independence Day Fireworks

Hey there!

I like fireworks. Each Independence Day I sit on my balcony and watch the fireworks because every community around me is shooting them off. I enjoy the beautiful colors in the sky. So, when I saw all of the fireworks Pinterest ideas, I got excited. I could make my own fireworks at home!

I was super stoked that I could use my dish scrubber and some paint and in 3 minutes, make firework art. It's something that the kiddos could help you do. You could make a small picture, several pictures or even a whole mural of fireworks. I decided to just make a 12 X 12 picture that I could cut down and put into a frame of my choosing.

I started out with my 12 X 12 paper, a circular scrub brush from Dollar Tree, my red, white and blue paint and some paper plates.

I began with red paint and made blotches of paint on my paper. Nothing fancy, just blobs of paint that looked like random splatters and circles and paw prints. You can't tell from the red paint how the wall art is going to end up looking. You just kind of hope for the best.

When I added blue paint, I laid my paint down in a circle. Then I rubbed the brush in the paint. I wanted the paint to cover a larger area than the red paint did but in a less concentrated fashion. I wanted it to have a bigger reach than the red paint.

I think I accomplished that. My blue paint is a larger, less dense circle while my red paint is more of a puppy paw print.

I let both colors dry for an hour and then added white paint. It's hard to see here but it grounded the two colors. After the white paint I re-dipped the brush in the red and blue paints and added more blobs. What I ended up with did remind me of fireworks, slightly.

I like this art work a lot. I think when you pair them with Saturday's Painted Dollar Tree Stars, you totally get what it is. It works!

Grab your dish scrubber (clean it first people) and dip it into some paint. The kiddos will have fun, you'll enjoy it and you'll have more wall art to add to your collection! Go you Picasso you!

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