Fourth of July Flag Made From Wooden Craft Sticks

Hey there!

I am still painting stuff red, white and blue! Today I'm painting wooden craft sticks.

I have been looking through Pinterest for great ideas to keep my home decorated in the patriotic spirit. There are a lot of ideas but I decided to dig in my kid friendly craft box (what, you don't have one of those?) and see what I could come up with. I found wooden craft sticks. And that's why I'm still painting stuff with my red, white and blue paint.

There are several flag ideas on Pinterest using wooden craft sticks. I looked through some of them and decided that I couldn't possibly mess this one up.

Spoiler alert - I didn't! I think it turned out great!

I picked up a pack of jumbo wooden craft sticks years ago so that I could mix hair products together. But, I haven't used very many of the sticks so finding a flag idea for them sounded fantastic.

I pulled 7 of them out and lined them up as the base of my flag and then decided to hold my flag stripes together with 3 craft sticks hot glued onto the back.

I did have to cut down my craft sticks. I may have mentioned many blogs ago that I purchased very sturdy floral cutting sheers for my floral projects. Guess what! They came in handy for cutting my craft sticks too! I was able to trim the sticks to size with no problem. Then I hot glued them to the 7 craft sticks that would be my flag.

I turned my flag over and marked the area for my blue box for my stars. I just eyeballed it.

I started painting. Full disclosure - I should have painted the sticks and then glued them together. It would have made the painting portion easier. But, I didn't and so I had to be super careful not to mix the paint colors.

I only needed two coats to make a vibrant flag. I did let the first coat dry over night. I've found that the coats of paint are smoother that way.

Instead of trying to add 50 stars to the blue box, I just used random stars from my Target Bullseye stickers. I thought that it would be fun but still patriotic.

I enjoyed this craft and it turned out great! I was pretty durn pleased with myself. So far, I think this is my favorite Fourth of July craft. It's very cute and easy to make. The kiddos can certainly help with this one.

Come back Tuesday for 1 more Independence Day craft. I think you'll like it!

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