Patriotic Windsock

Hey there!

It's my last fourth of July project and I'm kinda of sad. I enjoyed researching all of the patriotic projects that I could find on Pinterest and the mommy blogs. The last project that I made was a patriotic windsock.

The project seemed simple enough. I'd need ribbon, cardboard to form the windsock base, scissors and tape. I didn't have red, white and blue ribbon (odd, I know) so I ran out and picked some up along with red and blue fabric. I also picked up stickers, just in case.

The first step was to cut out my windsock base. There were many suggestions on how to create a base but I went with sturdy cardboard cut down to 5" X 14". I could have used my scissors to cut a straight line but even with scissors I can't do straight lines, so I pulled out my extra long ruler and my craft knife and carefully cut my cardboard down to size.

I chose to cover my plain windsock base with red, white and blue striped scrapbook paper. My paper was 12" X 12" so I cut it in half, matched the halves together and created a longer piece of paper that covered my windsock.

I attached my scrapbook paper with double sided tape. I did this for two reasons. One, double sided tape is strong and would keep the project together and two, double sided tape would be great at adhering the ribbon to the paper. I didn't want to have to staple or hot glue the ribbon down. I knew that the double sided tape would do the trick.

My research told me that I needed ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. So I bought lots of ribbon and fabric. I cut each piece of ribbon into 20" long strips. I also cut a few pieces of fabric into 20" long strips as well. The research made it seem like I'd need a lot but after I cut everything but I realized I didn't need half of the strips that I had cut.

I added three lines of double sided tape on the back of the windsock base. I wanted to give my ribbon plenty of room to stick to. It's almost half way up the poster board.

I added my ribbon to the paper and the rolled it up into a circle. It was the perfect windsock in my opinion.

I mentioned that I had extra ribbon and fabric that I had cut. Well, I decided to used the extra fabric to hang the windsock up. I punched three holes in the top of the windsock, looped the fabric through, tied a knot and used duct tape to reinforce the loop.

Tada! Isn't this a cutie? I know that I said I liked Saturday's wooden craft stick flag out of all of my patriotic projects, well this one is my second favorite. It's a cute craft but it's also a useable craft. You can make a windsock any time of the year. It took me 5 minutes!

And there are your Fourth of July of July crafts. I enjoyed making these and I know you will too. I've added some other crafts on my July Pinterest page so check it out.

Did you make any of these? If you did, take a pic and tag me on Instagram. I want to see!

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