Tombow TwinTone Dual Tip Markers First Impression

Hey there!

Sometimes I make impulse buys. Sometimes I see a sale and say, "That looks good! Lemme try it out!". That's what I did when I saw that these Tombow TwinTone dual tip markers were on a Friday special. I didn't particularly need new markers but I like the Tombow markers that I currently have and a new set of markers couldn't hurt!

Or two new sets of markers.

It's not my fault really. Look at how pretty these markers are just to look at! Can you blame me for wanting to add them to the hoards of markers I already have? I mean, come on! I can make the case for these new babies, right?

Well, let's try. I purchased 2 packs; the brights and the pastels. 12 delicious looking markers came in each pack. That gave me 24 markers in all, right? No, that gave me 48 in all.

Remember, these markers are dual tip. So on one side you have a .3mm marker that you can write with and on the other side you have a .8mm marker that you can draw and create with. That's two markers in one!

Three. Three markers in one. See, you can also use them to do a little bit of water coloring with. You can't go all crazy and use them instead of water colors but you can smudge out a line and make it fancy in your planner or travelers notebook or journal.

And, I got a free container of Mono Permanent Adhesive. That's worth 7 bucks right there!

I'm going to take these lovelies on one heck of a test run. Check out my first impressions video and see what I thought and then come back in a few months and we can talk about how they have worked for me!

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