Watermelon Eyeglass Case

Hey there!

One of my favorite parts of summer is all the fresh fruit that is out. The sweet, juicy goodness of summer fruit can't be beat, except by a piece of chocolate. But I digress.

It seems that everyone's crafting summer fruit of choice is the watermelon. If you look at the summer crafts on blogs and Pinterest and YouTube videos, you see watermelon everything. So, I'm going to dedicate the next three post to sweet watermelons.

I looked at my eyeglass case the other day and realized how badly I needed to replace it. The current case was an expensive one from one of those home bag parties. Because my sunglasses are prescription, I don't mind paying a little bit more for my eyeglass case. When I looked on Pinterest, I realized I didn't have to pay for a case at all. I could make one!

All I did was pulled out some felt (green, white, red and black). I tend to keep lots of felt on hand. If you have to purchase some, you can get them 3 or 4 for $1. The green was a bit more because you want the green to be a bit more sturdy that regular felt.

Besides the felt, I used my scissors, an oval plate and a marker. I don't draw straight lines and I don't create perfect circles or ovals so my plate comes to the rescue. I cut out green for the watermelon shell, white for the rind that no one likes to eat and then red for the meat of the watermelon.

You know I tell you guys exactly how it is! So, my cut lines are crap! They look horrible. If I had had more felt, I'd have redone the case. But, I like to show you the good, bad and ugly. I like for you to see my mis-steps so that you can possibly avoid them. Cut straighter than I did!

I used the black felt to cut out odd teardrops for seeds. I then attached all parts with my Elmer's craft glue. It's a good glue for felt and fabrics.

To adhere the sides together, I used E6000. I'm going to be sliding my glasses in and out of the pouch so I wanted it to stay together very well.

Even though the cuts are kind of wonky, the idea behind the project is pretty neat! It works well and it's a fun case for your glasses. I created a log case and I probably should have made it shorter but not worries. It's still cute.

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