Watermelon Wine Glasses

Hey there!

Still eating watermelon crafts -- or in this case, sipping on watermelon crafts!

I love glasses. I have 4 full shelves in my cabinets devoted to glassware. I have mugs, daily drinking glasses and wine glasses. I have always felt that if you are sipping water, you should do it out of a pretty glass.

And what's prettier than a watermelon wine glass? A DIY watermelon wine glass! All you need are two stemless wine glasses (mine are plastic), green and black paint, painters tape and a paint brush.

I liked the stemless wine glasses because they are more casual wine glasses (you know, instead of fancy wine that we have all the time). The fact that they are plastic means you can take them on the go or not worry about spills. I got mine for $2.99 for the pair.

I taped of the bottom of my wine glasses so that I could paint the green trim. Getting the tape even across the bottom was the hardest part. You just have to make sure you line it up correctly. Once it's lined up, make sure you burnish the tape down by rubbing it onto the glass well so that the paint wont seep through.

I used three coats of green paint on the bottom allowing an hour or more drying time between coats. I could have stopped at 2 but I knew that eventually the paint would start to fade so why not give it a good 3 coats to slow the process down.

Once all of the paint coats were dry, I added black tear drops for seeds. I did have to go over them once they were dry because the first coat was see through. Once I was finished, they were perfect!

All that was next was a pink fruity drink (watermelon seltzer water) and a cute straw! How's that for a watermelon project?!

I thought about spraying a gloss sealant but I made sure to not paint close to where my mouth would be so I'm not drinking any paint. It might fade but we DIYers can touch it up!

Getting any watermelon DIY thoughts? If you need more ideas and my Pinterest page isn't helping, come back Saturday. I have one more melony idea up my sleeve!

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