Make Your Own Gift Box - No Scoring Board Needed

Hey there!

This past Tuesday I posted a paper craft making gift boxes. In the post, I used a scoring board. I said that I'd come back today and show you what to do if you don't have a scoring board. Before you begin, make sure you read Tuesday's post and then come back.

I'll wait.

You're done? Great! Let's start!

While a scoring board and bone folder were your friends in Tuesday's post, in today's post a ruler (18" if you have it but 12" or 15" will work) and a mechanical pencil without lead will be your friends.

Yep, I said that. Keep reading.

My paper will have colorful marker marks. Your paper should not.

On one side of your paper use your ruler and the leadless mechanical pencil to mark your paper at 3" and 9". You use the leadless pencil just like you would a regular pencil but instead of a pencil line, you get an indention/crease/fold.

Flip the paper and mark your paper with your ruler and the leadless mechanical pencil at 1", 3 1/2", 6 1/2" and 9". You now have the same lines as if you used a scoring tool!

Oh! I mentioned a bone folder to burnish the folds. You don't have one? No worries. You can use a ruler, the dull side of a butter knife, the handle of your scissors, just about anything to achieve a strong crease. Just make sure you don't damage your paper.

Then you just follow the steps from Tuesday (I've attached them below) and you too have a pretty gift box! Now go make some boxes!!


Make sure your 3" and 9" side (orange line) are vertical. You should be able to visualize a box cover and flap. Do you see the no cut zone? Well, once we start cutting you will cut through Box area 1, 2 and 3 but not through the next set of boxes.

You will cut along the 3" line and the 9" line. You will remove the boxes from Box area 1 and 2 but NOT Box area 3.

Cut the Box area 1 and 2 on both the left and right side. Don't throw away your scraps. You can use these for other things (I haven't figured out what yet but be patient).

Head toward the bottom of your paper and cut up one box. You still need to maintain your no cut zone. You will never cut the no cut zone!

Now you see it! Now the box shape comes together and you can begin to pat yourself on the back. You almost don't need my direction anymore!

You know that my adhesive of choice is double sided tape. You can use wet glue if you'd like. That would help by giving you time to maneuver the parts into place. I like my double sided tape. I just make sure I move slowly and carefully.

I added two strips of tape to both sides of my paper. When you get ready to tape, I advise doing one side at a time. You want to make sure you get the parts in the proper place because double sided tape is not forgiving.

Now, the back of the box is different. You add your double sided tape and put both of the sides together at the same time. You'll see how much easier it is to put them both together when you create your box.

I clip my edges of the to fold for aesthetics and well, it closes better. I then add a fastener dot. I always have some on hand from the Dollar Tree. They aren't super sticky which works very well in this case. You don't want a super sticky hold.

Decorations anybody? Of course you want decorations. You can have a plain box but why? Ribbon, gems, butterflies, you name it, it goes on the box.

I mean really, wouldn't you love getting a gift in a cute box like this? It's not one of those super sturdy boxes so you can't put a candle in this or anything but an elegant necklace or something like that would be perfect.

I know, I know. All these steps sound difficult but I promise it's not. I made all these boxes in about 10 minutes. The first box (the plain one on top) was the hardest one. After that, I zipped through them.

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