DIY Dollar Tree Silver Tray

Hey there!

Honestly, I have no purpose for this DIY. I saw the individual pieces in the Dollar Tree and decided that I absolutely had to make it. I picked up a silver tray, 4 silver storage containers and some fridge magnets. I already had silver paint, a paint brush and my hot glue gun.

The great thing about the silver tray for me is it's already the perfect color. The silver matches the items on my dresser or the things on my craft desk. You could spray paint these items any color that you wanted if silver wasn't your thing.

I decided that I only wanted two of the silver containers on the end of the tray. I generously hot glued them in place. Because they are thin pieces of metal, the hot glue is enough. If you were using real silver or heavier metal, I'd use E6000 glue or something like it.

The lids for the containers were super plain. That's when I saw the fridge magnets and decided that I'd adhere them to the lids. Because the magnets are magnetic, I didn't really have to hot glue them to the lids but I wanted to be able to use them like knobs so I secured them in place.

Before I secured them in place, I thought about the look of them. The magnets have a cute design that might match some decor but they didn't match mine so I painted them silver with my Folk Art Sterling Silver Enamels Metallic paint. I use this stuff all the time. It's a very pretty silver. I also have a bronze and a rose gold that I like to use. Two coats is all you need but let them dry fully in between coats.

I liked my tray the way it was when I was done. It's perfect for my jewelry on my dresser or my craft supplies on my craft desk or my cuts outs and trinkets for my scrapping. But some folks like a little sparkle.

I picked up some Floral Garden diamond wrap from Dollar Tree and decided to add some pizzazz to my tray. The diamond wrap that I have is 5 rows long. That was too much for my tray so I cut it down to two rows and hot glued them to the tray. Now you have a fancy tray.

You could also add other things to the tray. You could add a cute vase to the tray for flowers or makeup brushes. You could add more containers and house more jewelry. You could even use it for your perfumes and smell goods. It's really up to you.

All you have to remember is that it's a small tray so not a lot can go on it. But it's a cheap tray so you can make more!

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