It's A Haul Y'all! - Scrapbook Expo - Duluth, GA

Hey there!

I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, GA this weekend! I had an AMAZING time! I met up with some scrappers that I know and spent the whole day crafting, laughing, shopping and having a great time! This is my second year so I knew what I was in for and I was excited to go. Because I had been before, I put a few dollars away so that I could make some purchases and still be able to buy groceries. It looks like I went for broke but I really got some great deals.

One of the freebies that we received at the Expo was this purple marble bag. It's a really nice bag. It would come in handy for carrying your items if you didn't bring a bag. However, seasoned Expo-ers know better. They bring sturdy bags or rolling carts for their purchases.

You, of course get a, Expo guide. It gives you a map of the venue, workshop itinerary, coupons etc. You also get badges for different accomplishments. This one is the "I Returned!" badge.

Like I said, I didn't purchase a lot of stuff. I did know that I'd pick up some album bling. When I am making mini albums, I like to embellish the covers. These bling adhesive designs are perfect for that. They are all solid pieces so you have 2 complete designs for decorating.

I am a total Whovian and a lot is happening with Doctor Who this year. I knew that I'd scrapbook at least one spread and just in case I decided to do another one, I picked up three types of TARDIS ribbon. As a little treat to myself, I also picked up a TARDIS keychain.

At the Pinner's Conference in April I purchased 4 highlighters from Kirarina 2win. I love how the write and since I saw a table with more colors, I decided to add to my collection. And, because I can never get enough grey pens and markers I picked up one from Studio G (a Michael's brand).

Do I have to tell you about my love of double sided tape? No. I picked up this super big roll for $10. It's a little over twice the amount that I pay $8 or $9 for. I only got one roll just in case I'm not a super fan. I tested it out in the store so I think I will like them. I also picked up some ribbon. I've seen folks use them for mini album closures.

Paper!!! I found a store that I could not resist, The Paper Cut. You know how you see a bunch of folks swarming something and you can't help but check it out. Yeahhhh, that's how I ended up all of this paper (for $13!!). They had some pretty interesting things so I plan on checking their website out.

Stickers and cut outs - you can never have too many. Well, you can but it's ok. Who's judging? I also picked up dies to create die cuts. Macarons, butterflies and martini glasses. I could not resist the macarons and I saw a DIY with the butterflies that I am going to try out. The martini glasses were half price and would make a fantastic embellishment for my happy hour nights in my planner. Another store had a football helmet and a number one wooden embellishment. Football season is coming up! I am a huge football fan!

Now, to be totally honest I knew that there would be one store that I'd be hitting up and I'd be hitting it up BIG. I wanted to go to Rubbernecker Stamps and buy all the cute woman and girl stamps I could get my hands on. I was a good girl and only picked up 5 ladies and 1 quote. I could have lost my mind with all of the cute stamps they had. However, I have found that recently I've been typing my quotes out and printing them on copier paper for my scrapbooking and planner projects. I also picked up a planner stamp with girlie date reminders (girls night out, pedi, time to show, etc.).

I had a long day and I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. I started taking pictures and filming and then I stopped and decided to live in the moment. So, I've put together a quick mishmash of everything that happened. Take a peek below!

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