Weekly Planner Layout - Petals + Blooms Planner - Week of July 17 - 23

Hey there!

Folks, I really did try to make July my one month planner but I just couldn't do it! I tried but it didn't work. So, here I am, planning this week in my Petals + Bloom planner.

When I was in the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I saw this Jot Sticker Variety Pack and decided that I wanted to do a layout only using the pack. It's a nice spring/summer pack of birds, flowers and trees. The pack also has gem stones -- you know I like my bling!

Because I was attempting 1 planner July, I didn't fill in the monthly spread. So, I have to not only fill in my weekly but I also have to fill in my monthly.

One of the things that I don't totally love about the P+B planner is that the margin doesn't always fit the design. This week the margin has to go! I just used some sticker paper to mute the design so that I can cover it in washi tape.

Sometimes I don't have a lot of thin washi so I use markers to highlight my lines. I think it adds just enough color to be cute.

Once my lines were defined, I went to town. I labeled my days and added birds and flowers everywhere. My side bar is a "great ideas" side bar and I used gems to represent special days.

My weekly layout is a bit easier. Again, I covered the margin and then I used white out to cover the black lines. That makes it easier to use my smaller washi tape.

Then I sprinkle happiness all over the page. Again, flowers birds, butterflies and gems get added to my weekly spread. I add my important notes and my blog posts and YouTube planning.

Now I must admit that this isn't the most adult page and it's not super functional but it is cute and it serves its purpose. I think it's great for a spring layout or to add to a functional page. Now that I've used a sticker pack, I will certainly keep my eyes open for them in the future.

And look at the left overs from 1 pack! I created 2 layouts. Imagine how many layouts I could use them in if I mixed them in.

Let this be a lesson folks -- don't discount the variety packs. They may look like they wouldn't work in your planer (or scrapbook layouts or pocket pages or... you get the point) but they actually will!

Have you seen these sticker packs at your local Dollar Tree? Pick it up and see what you can do!

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