Ice Cream Cone Tote Bag

Hey there!

I know that some folks have already started their back to school shopping. I'm still in summer mode. Warm (hot) weather, flip flops and ice cream is still on my mind. So, maybe I'll meet you halfway. Let's make a back to school tote...with an ice cream cone.

Ok, maybe this is too delicate to be a back to school tote. Just sayin'.

I always say, Pinterest will make you get to creating! I saw an ice cream tote and decided I definitely needed to try my hand at it. All you need is a tote bag, yarn and puffy paint.

I picked up my tote bag at the Dollar Tree! I was excited to find this! It was a 17" wide tote bag. It was study and would hold my crafts or notebooks or a large variety of things.

You are going to need yarn. You can use any yarn you'd like but I found these cute Serenity skeins of yarn at my local Joann Craft Store. I liked the fact that the yarn reminded me of lemon ice cream and vanilla cherry ice cream.

Look! The name is chunky sprinkles. This yarn was made to be ice cream!

The most difficult part of this project was finding a 3D fabric paint color that I liked. I wanted a brown that was similar to a sugar cone (the best type of ice cream cone!) so I chose this Butterscotch by Scribbles paint.

The first thing that you need to do is make pom poms to mimic scoops of ice cream. You can make three scoops if you'd like but I can only eat two scoops so that's all I made.

Then you want to lay your pom poms on the bag so you can decide where your ice cream cone will be. I drew a triangle for my cone. It doesn't have to be perfect. The puffy paint will take care of a multitude of sins.

Then I used my puffy paint to design my ice cream cone. Yep, it's cute. I'm patting my own bad self on the back!

Please note!!! Puffy paint takes forever to dry. FOR-EV-ER!!! I took my pictures for this post on day two and I'm not 100% certain that the cone was dry so be careful!

Once I was ready to adhere my pom pom ice cream scoops, I used some hot glue and pushed those suckers down well! No one likes ice cream scoops that fall to the ground!

And there you go! You now have a super cute tote bag for whatever! Minus the puffy paint drying time, it only took me about 10 minutes to make. And yes, this is definitely kid friendly!

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