Decorating My Mini Clipboard

Hey there!

About a week ago I picked up some goodies from Dollar Tree (I have a haul video in case you want to check that out!). One of the things that I was really excited to play with was a mini clipboard in a picture frame. When I saw the two that they had in the store, all of the ideas started running through my head. I grabbed them and ran.

Okay, I didn't run. I simply went to the cash register, but you get the point.

For this project I pulled out my scissors, a pretty piece of paper, a notebook with note paper and my sticker book for decorating.

I decided that I wanted to use this "life is beautiful" as my background. It's a great motivational saying

Your clipboard pops out of the frame just like a piece of glass or photo matte would. This particular clipboard is 4" X 6".

I measured twice and then drew a faint line with my pencil. It's okay if you see a tiny bit of the line because once you pop the paper back in the frame, you won't see it at all.

With this clipboard I noticed that the clip doesn't come off. How in the world are you going to get the paper around that? Have no fear! I turned my clip so that it was up instead of down....

... I measured the space from the top of the clipboard to the bottom of the metal clip (1") ...

... I drew dot on my paper where the bottom of the metal clip would be and the sides of the metal clip...

... I cut the rectangle piece away from the paper (keep that!) and then slid the paper over the metal clip. You have to wiggle it a bit but it works.

You know that my adhesive of choice is scor tape! I just edge the clipboard with it and press the paper down.

Remember that bonus piece of paper? Well cut it down so that it will fit above the metal clip.

Looks a bit wonky? Doesn't quite match up? Don't worry! Add some gemstones or washi tape or just leave it alone. Once you pop it back into the frame, you won't even notice the paper!


Because it's a clipboard, I wanted to add some note paper. I bought a colorful notepad at Dollar Tree and while the papers worked well on one of my clipboards, I wanted this one to be a little less flashy. So, I pulled out one of my 6" X 6" paper pads, found a cute piece of pink graph paper and cut it down to fit my mini clipboard.

I pulled out my planner sticker book and pulled just a few cute quotes and embellishments to add to my clipboard and the frame.

And ta-da! You have a really cute mini clipboard for notes or reminders. You can keep it on your desk or give it to a friend for their desk. So much fun for your friends!

Like I said in the beginning, I only saw two of these but I love them so much. So, I searched Pinterest and found some interesting ideas for alternative mini clipboards. I might have to look into those!

Let me know if you find these mini clipboards at your Dollar Tree or if you decorate yours like mine. And, if you do, what do you intent on using them for?

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