Back To School DIY - Bookmarks

Hey there!

It's almost time for school (at least it is here in Atlanta). I know that most places start later but since we've already loaded some of the little kiddies on the bus, I thought I'd pull out a few back to school crafts.

Let's start with bookmarks.

I know that you are looking at me crazy but think about the last time you were reading a book. A real book, not your e-reader. When you got to a stopping point you folded down that page.

Or you found a grocery store receipt and used it to hold your place.

Or you turned your book face down and hoped no one changed your page.

Just go and get a piece of scrapbook paper!

And your scissors.

And some laminating paper or a clear adhesive sheet or some packing tape.

You remember how to do this. Go grab one of the kids so that they can do this one too. You KNOW that the teachers are going to give them a ton of reading work.

I used leftover scrapbook paper for my first bookmark. I keep a container with my scraps on hand. For my smaller bookmark (all those romance novels) I used paper from the Molly & Rex line at Michaels. I also used a piece of cardstock to thicken up the bookmark. I wanted it to be sturdy.

So that both sides of my cardstock would be covered, I measured a little more than twice my cardstock. I scored it in half and just wrapped it around the cardstock.

Normally I like to use my score tape for everything but for bookmarks, I like good old fashioned wet glue. Lately I've been loving the Scotch brand Tacky Glue. It dries quickly and it doesn't leave any real reside to speak of.

Then you fold your paper over and trim up the edges.

I like to add adornment to all that I do so I used my hole punch to add a tassel. I like to reinforce that hole with hole reinforcements.

A trick that I have learned is to color my hole reinforcements. I normally use my Tim Holtz distress ink with a dauber but if you don't have that, pull out a marker!

I wrote on a piece of heavy plastic with my purple marker, added a bit of water and painted my hole reinforcements. The purple came out the perfect color!

Ribbon! I always have ribbon on hand. Ribbon makes a great tassel. Or you can use yarn or jewelry charms. Use whatever makes you happy.

Did it come out a little too messy? Well, I think messy is great but if you want to add a little embellishment to the tassel, go for it! This is your project. Do the most! I not only punched a pretty piece of metallic paper, I added a pink gem.

Now, I should have backed up a little. I forgot to laminate my book mark before punching it and adding the tassel. No worries, you know I can make it work.

If you have a laminating machine, feel free to use it. I have one but it's a pain to drag it out for such a small project. I have also used the clear contact paper for lamination. But, if you don't have that, grab some packing tape. You have to take your time but you can use it.

I have a bone folder to smooth out any air bubble but if you don't have that, very carefully use the back of your scissors. Or a ruler. Just be gentle.

Bookmarks are so easy and fun to make. You can make them 6" or 12". You can have one for each subject you are working in. You can decorate them to the max or go very simple.

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