Back To School DIY - Little Yellow School Bus Picture Frame

Hey there!

I mentioned before that in Georgia (or at least Metro Atlanta) our kiddos are going back to school. So there are back to school sales all over the place. In honor of the kiddos, I have made some back to school DIYs. I thought I'd pull out the paint and make a school bus to help us get back to school. What is this school bus for? First day of school pictures!!

I saw the project online on the Hip2Save website and decided I needed to try my hand at it! If you don't follow the Hip2Save website, you really should. If you are interested in couponing and deals with some fun thrown in, that's the site to go to!

For this school bus project, all you need is yellow paint (I used Bright Yellow by DecoArt), 2 sizes of wooden craft sticks and something to make wheels. That can be something as simple as black construction paper or you go be all extra like me and use buttons and colored rhinestones.

I pulled 3 large wooden craft sticks and 6 smaller wooden craft sticks. You'll only need 5 of the smaller craft sticks but for some odd reason I wanted to paint an extra stick, just in case.

I painted the sticks with 2 coats of the Bright Yellow paint. I used my craft knife to hold the sticks in place while painting.

When I made my Independence Day Flag out of wooden craft sticks, I glued it together and then painted it. I remember saying that if I did that type of project again, I'd paint the sticks first and then glue it together. So, this time I painted my sticks yellow first and then used my glue. And, last time I used hot glue. This time I thought I'd use my Aleene's Tacky Glue. It is a DIY for the kiddos too so I wanted to keep it easy and hassle free.

Once I painted the sticks, I began assembling my bus. I placed a stick lengthwise and then 4 sticks vertically. I added a drop of glue on the top of my four sticks and placed the lengthwise stick over them.

Then, I added my 3 large wooden sticks across the bottom to form the body of the bus.

The sticks moved slightly so the body of my bus was a little wonky but nothing major. It looks like a bus (if you squint).

You can go simple with your tires. You can cut some black circles and keep it moving. You know I can't do simple. So, I pulled out my buttons and some gemstones.

I used my 1 1/2" punch and popped 2 circles out. Then I planned out my wheels. A black circle, then a white button and finally a red gemstone.

I did go slightly simpler with the headlight (you only need one). I used a white button and a clear gemstone.

The photos that you add to your bus are a bit small but it's still cute as pie. Your kiddos will enjoy making the project and seeing themselves in the bus windows.

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