Dollar Tree DIY - Planner Pocket Pages

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I picked up some items from my local Dollar Tree. One of the things was a Jot brand file folder. My plan was to take one file folder and make a pocket folder for my Happy Planner and one for my Petals + Bloom planner. I still managed to do that but there was a slight hiccup in my plan.

See that lighter spot on the folder? Sighhhh. That's where the Jot brand sticker pulled up the paint. So, instead of an easy fix when it came to using the pockets that were on the folder, I had to move things around a bit.

The first thing that I did was take my ruler and utility knife and sliced the folder in half along the fold. That gave me two sections to work with. Yes I used a cutting board. It gives me comfort knowing that I won't slice into my desk.

I did want to use as much of the existing pocket as I could so I laid my planner page on the folder half and marked the edges. Then I sliced through the folder and made sure it was the perfect size for my planner.

Now, I have a happy planner hole punch. I got it during a super mega sale and didn't pay very much for it. I'm kinda glad. It will not punch through plastic that's this thick. So, I take my Happy Planner page, mark the punched areas and use my hole punch to add holes in the correct spaces.

Then I take my scissors and snip very small slices so that it can slide in and out of the Happy Planner. If you are using a ring bound planner then you just punch holes where needed.

While the folder looked nice as it was, I decided to slip a leftover piece of white scrapbook paper so that the colors on the folder would "pop".

Remember I said that the original plan was to utilize the pockets but the discoloration got in the way? Well, it meant that my pocket wasn't closed properly. The solution for that? Double sided tape. Wet glue might work but because this folder is plastic I wouldn't trust it. Hot glue? Nahhhh. It's plastic!

And that's it. I took a $1 plastic folder and made 2 pocket folders for my planners! It only took about 5 minutes and they look just as good as anything I could have purchased.

Have you tried making pocket folders out of folders? If not, I highly recommend it!

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