Dollar Tree DIY - Happy Planner Cover

Hey there!

Last week I showed you how to make a planner pocket out of a Dollar Tree plastic folder. Those are always fun to make. Do you know what else you can make from a plastic folder? A cover for your Happy Planner, Erin Condren planner, Recollections planner or any other wire or coil bound planner.

(picture credit: Walmart website)

I have a laminator. I've owned it for almost 2 years and I've used it about 4 times. There are so many DIY planner items on the market. I haven't had to pull out my laminating machine in months. They aren't expensive but they are cumbersome, they take a while to heat up, you have to put in the laminating sheet just right, you have to purchase laminating sheets first... it's just easier to find other ways to accomplish your task.

I like being able to cut up plastic folders. They come in so many pretty shades with inspiring quotes. If you can take advantage of one or two of them, you should.

I picked this fancy pocket folder that I found at Dollar Tree. I thought that it was a great message for the front of my Happy Planner.

I took my Happy Planner cover off of my planner and used blue painters tape to attach it to the folder. Because I was going to be using my utility knife, I wanted to make sure that the folder didn't move.

I used my pencil to mark where the HP cover was. Then I used my Perfect Ruler and utility knife to cut the folder down to the correct size.

I used one of my corner punches to round the edges. You don't have to do that but if you like that finished look and don't have a corner rounder, just use your scissors.

I've mentioned before that I do have a Happy Planner hole punch. I wanted to show folks that they don't need one to make their Happy Planner add ons. I used more blue tape to secure the cover while I used my pencil to mark the notches that I'd need to punch. You see how it's a half circle with a little bit cut out? You can accomplish that with your hole punch and scissors.

That's it! Pop that bad boy on your planner! You should never have a dull planner, NEVER! You can dress all planners up and down.

And no, I didn't forget about the back of the book! Make a back cover for your planner with the back of your Dollar Tree folder! Waste not want not people.

Have you made a planner cover for your planner yet? There are soooo many tutorials on how to do it! What are you waiting for?

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