Xyron 5" Creative Station All-in-1 Lite First Impression

Hey there!

I bought something! It was a small purchase but I am soooo excited about it. I purchased a Xyron 5" Creative Station All-in-1 Lite.

If you don't know what a Xyron machine is, it's a sticker maker. You can get a small 1.5" machine and make small stickers or you get the big mama jama Creative Station Sticker Maker and make big, 9" stickers. I just needed a medium sized one.

I caught a sale on HSN and got mine. It came with the machine itself, (2) 5" x 18" permanent adhesive refill cartridges and (1) 3" x 18" refill cartridge. The retail value of all of that is supposed to be about $80. I only paid $47 after shipping, handling and a coupon (you know I love coupons!).

Now, the difference between other Xyron sticker makers and the Xyron creative stations is that the sticker makers make stickers. The creative stations change your life. Not really but kind of. They make stickers, laminate and add a magnet to the back of your project! You can create a scrapbook page or mini album in no time. You can make a birthday banner or party favors super fast. So, ok, it does kinda change your life.

I've watched videos where folks used this instead of putting tape runner or scor tape on their projects. They finished in half the time. I also watched someone make a long butt birthday banner. I've done banners in about 20 minutes. I bet this baby cuts it down to 10.

No, I haven't tried it out yet. I've seen countless videos on it and some of my favorite YouTubers sing it's praises. I have a project in the works and I do plan on using it this weekend.

I'll report back!

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