Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Hey there!

If you are wondering where all the flowers have gone -- they are under my bed.

I know. You weren't really wondering where they were at all but I thought I'd tell you anyway. They are under my bed.

I had been searching for a good storage system for my craft items for years and about a year ago I thought about the under the bed plastic storage containers that you can get at the big box stores. I bought about 3 of them and put all of my foliage into the containers by season. Then I attempted to tuck them under my bed.


My bed is about 3" too low for these boxes. I had already put the flowers and stems in the containers so I decided to keep them and just stack them in a corner of my room. Then last year I bought some Huggable Hangers and I got under the bed storage containers that came with the hangers. I didn't think anything of it until I decided to test them.

Viola! They fit under the bed! I decided to make them work!

I purchased some small kitchen containers from the Dollar Tree. They were the two pack Surefresh 4.12cup containers. I liked the pink, blue and purple. I got 8 packs so 16 containers total.

In one of the under the bed storage container I used only containers. I was able to put different color floral petals in each container. All I did to get the floral petals was took my Dollar Tree flowers and pulled the flowers off of the stem. Then I was able to put like flowers into each container. In the second under the bed storage container I only put 4 of the Surefresh containers and used some of my other boxes for other floral items.

I keep some of my leaves as well. Sometimes you want to add a leaf or two. Dollar Tree flowers come with a ton of leaves so you don't have to keep them all.

Along with keeping the leaves, I also keep them stems and stamens. Sometimes you want to add a little twig on a project.

I also keep random flowers that I find. You can always find inexpensive flowers in the clearance section of your local craft stores but you can also find flowers in the most interesting places. These are flowers that I found in the gift bag and present wrapping section of The Dollar Tree. I think they are supposed to go on gifts.

Finding flowers are easy, storing them are harder. Fortunately, crafters are a resourceful bunch!

What was the last thing you crafted into storage? How do you store your flowers?

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