Upcycle - Turning a Shipping Box Into a Ribbon Box

Hey there!

You guys know I am all about upcycling a box and making a storage piece. Several months ago I created a DIY pen holder out of a shoe box. If you are anything like me, you get all kinds of things in boxes. Unlike me, you probably throw your boxes away. I tend to repurpose my boxes. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part for the earth and well sometimes I need a very specific sized box. You can't always buy the size you need but it seems like your last makeup shipment came in the perfect size!

This time I'm using an Amazon shipping box. I can't remember what came in it but I'm going to repurpose it for ribbon!

I stock up on Dollar Tree duct tape. They have beautiful colors and great designs. You can use it for anything from mini album binding to covering a cardboard box.

Once I found the perfect box, I cut off two of the end flaps. I kept the longer flaps.

I picked out some of my red, white and shades of blue duct tape. I began wrapping the tape around my box, matching up each strip as best as I could.

Once I finished the outside of the box, I began on the inside. Because I was going to be putting ribbon inside, I wanted the bottom of the box to be soft. I had some of these foam sheets from the Dollar Tree and decided to line my box with 2 of the sheets.

I just used double sided adhesive tape to put the foam down. I thought about glue but I didn't want the bottom of the box to be wet and I didn't want the foam to get sticky and mess up my ribbon.

I cut each section and made sure everything fit before I stuck the foam down. It isn't a major issue that the pieces are patch work. No one will ever see it. They'll see all of your pretty ribbon instead.

Because I love arranging things in color order, I placed my ribbon in the box in rainbow order. With the extra space, I added a space for cut ribbon pieces that I have in baggies. I know, I know. You don't see white or cream colored ribbon in this box. That's because I have soooo much of it, I have a dedicated box for white and cream. Even with pulling them out, soon I'll have to decorate another box and separate my ribbons further.

Once I finished putting my ribbon in the box, I decided to kind of close the box. Because my rolls of ribbon are bigger than box, the box won't close well so I just decided to punch a hole in either side of the box and feed a piece of black ribbon through it. That way my box would come to but not necessarily close all the way. I used my heavy punch -- I wouldn't try this with your Dollar Tree punch if I were you.

All that was left was to add a piece of paper as my ribbon label. You need to know what's inside!

That's it! Isn't that fun?! It's a great size box for my ribbon. I was able to get decorate the box exactly how I wanted to and cost me about $1.25 to make! Well, that's not totally true.

I had to pay for whatever I bought and had shipped to me in the box. But, you know what I mean!

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