It's A Haul Y'All - Tuesday Morning

Hey there!

I went shopping! That shouldn't surprise you. It seems like I am always hunting for a good deal. This time I went to Tuesday Morning, not only for a good deal but for something specific.

I needed a healing cutting mat for my craft desk. You guys have seen me drag out my kitchen cutting board and try to cut folders and things on that. Well, I wanted a proper cutting board and when I saw this for $14.99, I had to grab it up. It's the American Crafts Self Healing Cutting Mat, 18" X 24" in green. I've seen the pink one online for $29 but I can't find the green one. I've already used it several times and I love it.

It's football time!!! I am certainly a sporty girl. I love football and I know that I will be creating several scrapbook layouts, planner pages and all around general crafts with this pack of stickers and rub-ons from K & Company. At $.99 I couldn't not leave them in the store.

It's almost fall having ready-made pumpkin gem mix is only right! It comes with gold pumpkins, and shades of orange, red, gray and clear gems. You know that all you have to do is throw these in a candle holder or a glass bowl and it looks like you are a decorating queen! At $4.99 they are a bit pricier than I like to normally go but it's gold pumpkins y'all! You understand.

I've been eyeing this Crafter's Essentials Brad Setter for a long time. I always see them at the craft store for about $6 or $7. I just couldn't justify that price. But, when you bring it down to $3.99, well now we've got a party! You can use this to pierce cardboard so that you can place your brads on the paper and then there is a flat portion that helps spread and flatten your brad backing.

Prima flowers are so pretty. This pack was $1.99 but they normally run much more than that in the stores so I leave them alone. The price tag says compare at $5. I think that's about right. I have several mini albums and projects coming up and purple flowers will look very nice on them.

I decided to add some tiny words to my collection. I have several packs and I love using the words and phrases on projects. It's hard to find them in my stores and when you do, you're going to pay $4 or $5 for them. So, to find this Tim Holtz pack for $1.49 was a steal. This one is occasions. When I flipped through, they seemed to match the seasons. That's a win!

And last but not least is a fat quarter bundle. For non quilters, a fat quarter bundle is a bundle of 18" X 21" pieces of fabric that many quilters use. I don't quilt but I often need pieces of fabric and to purchase a yard of fabric could cost you $3 - $8 depending on what type of fabric you are using. I personally find it helpful to use these bundles in seasonal assortments. This one is a winter assortment and I can already think of 2 projects that I want to try! And, instead of paying $3 - $8 for a piece of fabric, I paid $3.99 for 5 pieces of fabric! I've seen quarter bundles for $8 or $10 before so I grabbed this one with the quickness.

Tuesday Morning doesn't only sell crafting supplies. They sell all types of home goods. The prices are pretty good on most things. You just have to limit yourself or you could go waaaay overboard.

Do you have a Tuesday Morning near you? If so, swing in and pick up an item or two!

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