October Daily 2017

Hey there!

I guess it is about time to start mentioning fall projects. I don't think I was ready! I'm still wearing flip flops and shorts! I'm still drinking iced sweet tea! Slow the days down will ya?

Instead of jumping right into fall, let's talk about Halloween. Don't get scared! I mean let's talk about our October Daily. Waaaaaay back when I was a wee babe in blog years (last year), I created an October Daily. I pulled all of the tools that I wanted to use for Halloween crafts and put them in one box. Instead of hunting around my craft space, I only have to pull out one container and my hand is on everything spooky.

Well, that's still the same this year. I have added one of two things to the box but I'll show you that later. What I'll show you now is the paper I've decided to use for my October Daily Binder.

Oh! Let's take a step back. You want to know what an October Daily Binder is! An October Daily Binder is a way to capture your memories, pictures, journaling, etc for the month of October. Instead of several scrapbook pages and then several journaling spots and then several mix media layouts, you can have one binder with everything in it.

Here's my binder from last year. The kiddo and I look in it and laugh our heads off. We loved it. It encompasses all the food, fun and laughter we had during the month. This year is no different.

Well, it's kind of different. Several Tuesday Morning trips ago I happened upon this adorable Halloween paper and I decided then and there that this would be my binder kit for October. The paper has the purpleness that I love in Halloween colors and it's fun and whimsical over spooky and scary.

There are 12, 12 X 12 double sheets of paper - 2 of each page. 2 of those sheets are cut a parts. And there is also a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet is so cute and so fun.

A binder has to have a cover. I saw this gift bag and knew that it was the one for me! It's a beautiful orange color and it feels almost leathery. Not bad for a couple of bucks. And, these Halloween brads were a find from earlier in the summer. They weren't really needed but they will definitely be used.

My Halloween paper, binder cover and those lovely brads were from Tuesday Morning. When I went to Hobby Lobby I found these stickers and decided that they were whimsical enough to go with my theme. They were also on sale.

I haven't figured out all of the details of my October Daily but I have all of the moving parts so that's better than nothing. Have you guys thought about an October Daily? What themed papers are you planning to use? If you haven't decided to but thinking about it, there is still time! Go grab some supplies!

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