October Storage Container 2017

Hey there!

Tuesday I told you good people about my October Daily for 2017. I picked out my paper and added some brads and stickers and I feel like I am ready to create. But, I will need to pull out my Halloween craft box.

What is a Halloween craft box? So glad you asked! Well, I have a plastic storage container for all of my seasons/holidays. Each storage container holds all of the stamps, washi, ribbon, stickers, embellishments, etc. that is specific to that season/holiday. I use to keep ALL of my washi and ALL of my stamps together but I found that it was easier to store by season.

I go into details about my kit in last year's October Daily. There isn't much of a change this year so I won't bore you with the details. It's still my orange box from the Dollar Tree. I thought that I'd have to buy a bigger box this year but of course, you use some of the product up so there is no need to go bigger. I do have to remind myself that the point of crafting is to use your product.

Because I plan along with paper crafting, I also have planner stickers and stamps in my Halloween craft box. The only thing that is missing is paper. You saw the paper in the last blog post.

What are my October plans besides an October Daily and planner layouts? Well, there will be Halloween cards, flip books, pocket letters and mini albums. As I mentioned last year, even though summer is my favorite season, I do my best crafting in the Fall and Winter. Maybe it's because I become a hermit and stay inside. Not sure. But, I can assure you that the DIY game will be strong in the month of October.

So pull out your craft box and play along at home. You don't have a craft box? Have no fear! You can put one together.

Stay tuned.....

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