Birthday Photo Album In A Box

Hey there!

I love making specialized birthday gifts for friends. I hope that they enjoy receiving them just as much.

Recently a good friend of mine had a birthday and I wanted to create something really personal for her to enjoy. She journals and sews so I knew that it had to be something to match her love of those things.

I came up with a coverless mini ring album that was placed inside a box.

It's my first for both creations and I learned a lot but I was pretty darn proud of myself! The album can hold 30 pictures or journaling pages and because I used super large rings, it can certainly support the photos. If she wants to add more photo mats, she can.

The paper was from an Etsy shop online, The Dutch Lady Designs. I loved the papers and so did my friend. I knew that it would be difficult to find sewing papers in my local stores so I searched online. I was very pleased with what I found and the price.

The embellishments were a bit easier to find. Between JoAnn Craft Store and Hobby Lobby, I found everything that I needed. I used regular jump rings to make the scissor charm. The gift bag is actually a shopping bag from JoAnn.

I have to admit that the album is a self taught piece. I looked on Pinterest to get a basic idea for the book and the box. I enjoyed planning the project almost as much as making it. And, if the giggles were any indication, my friend loved it too.

If you're interested in a flip through, take a peek at my YouTube Video.

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