DIY Seasonal Craft Box

Hey there!

Last week I mentioned that I have seasonal craft boxes for my scrapbook/paper crafting supplies. It's easier for me to craft if I can just pull out a box of supplies and then put them back at the end of the season. I mentioned the craft boxes because I pulled out my Halloween box so that I could get ready for October Daily.

In talking about the craft box, I gave a little teaser about my Halloween box. I talked about my seasonal craft boxes and how I decide what goes in them. Well, I decided that maybe we could put one together, together!

Don't get scared. It's easy. The first thing you need is a box or container--- any box or container. I'm going to use a shoe box just to show you how easy it can be! You can decorate that box if you'd like or you can just simply use the box as is. I say add a label and call it good.

What are we going to put in the box? Well I add what I consider to be my basics. None of these things have to be expensive and none of them have to be in bulk. You can pick just one or two of each of the basics. Don't break the bank and don't look for the "perfect" item. They will all be perfect.

Ribbon, stickers, and washi tape are a good start. Just pull a few that match the season or holiday that you are preparing for. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Guess where these items came from? Yep, the Dollar Tree.

If you'd like to add some embellishments, that's fine too. I always pick up gemstones and pearls when I'm at the Dollar Tree. They also have sequins and glass beads. But, other stores have inexpensive items too. I got a bag of sequins from Hobby Lobby for .71 cents. Perfect for shaker cards or adding to cards. I also pick up buttons when they go on sale. Buttons are a must for crafting.

I also pick up things you wouldn't expect. I get bags of all types, different types of paper clips, wooden letters and fabric. You don't have to have a lot of these off things but a little bit works. A paper clip on a random scrapbook page is perfect. A piece of fabric behind a photo is super cute! Glassine bags are a great journal card or picture holder.

I like to keep my writing instruments in my box 'o stuff as well. Any pens, pencils or markers that I might need go in the box. I also add any paint, ink or specialty coloring items. You don't have to keep everything in the box when it's time to put the box away for the next season. You can take those items out.

And oddly enough, I keep plastic baggies in my craft box as well. Small pieces of paper, fabric and bits and bobs need a home too. You think you won't need a plastic bag but it will be filled by the end of the season.

And just like that, you have a seasonal craft box. Nothing too crazy but everything that you need!

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